Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc  Founded 1992

Permanent Title Holders

Reign I
Prince Royal I - Troy Fienhold-Haasis ‡
Princess Royal I - Elyn Rodarte
Duke of Clear Lake - Matt Serber
Princess Imperiale - Carole Jackson ‡
Rear Admiral - J.R. Jones †

Reign II

Prince Royal II - Laura McCann
Madame High Executioner - Elaine Rodarte
Duke of Laramie - Randy Kallansrud ‡

Reign III
Prince Royal III - Marcus
Princess Royal III - Ashley DuBois
Grand Czarina - Lady Hellana Sakowitz †
Count of the Comets - Jim Swanstrom

Reign IV
Prince Royal IV - Bryan "Stinky" Smith
Princess Royal IV - Dena Cass
Baroness of Broadway - Saundra Truitt

Reign V
Prince Royal V - Troy Fienhold-Haasis ‡
Princess Royal V - Sabrina Shaw
Prince Knight to Reign V - Bryan Ragle
Grand Czar - James Laird

Reign VI
Prince Royal VI - Jason Fienhold-Haasis
Princess Royal VI - Ruby James Knight ‡
Marquis VI - Les Davis †
Crown Princess for Life - Barbara Butch Hyphen Whacker

Reign VII
Prince Royal VII - Tim Williams ‡
Princess Royal VII - Lucy Jackson ‡
The Belted Earl - Gentleman Joe Jaeger †
Lady in Waiting to Amanda the Panda - Lady Di Winsor †

Reign VIII
Prince Royal VIII - Sebastian T. Aleczander-Stahr ‡ †
Princess Royal VIII - Courtney Micheals ‡
Marquis of Health and Spirits - Randy Blaser

Reign IX
Prince Royal IX - Ben There-Stahr
The Gothic Leopard Prince Imperial - Joshua Knight
The Aurora Borealis Princess - Ericka LaRue ‡

Reign X
Prince Royal X - James McLaughlin ‡
Princess Royal X - Iris Aspire ‡
Imperial Crown Prince to Reign X - Royce Renze
High Priestess Voodoo Princess - Ivory Cucci

Reign XI
Prince Royale XI - Frank Haag
Princess Royale XI - Amiliana Shades ‡
Duchess Imperiale - Prunella DeSoto DeVille ‡

Reign XII
Princess Royal XII - India Blue †
Imperial Crown Prince of Reign XII - Kevin Martin
Celestial Silver Protector of the Stars, Moons and Martinis - Evita Love Winsor

Reign XIII
Prince Royal XIII - Matt Caruth
Princess Royal XIII - Prunella DeSoto DeVille ‡
Warden of the Youngens - Steve Egbert
Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XIII - Big Daddy Windsor ‡

Reign XIV
Prince Royal XIV - Big Daddy Winsor
Princess Royal XIV - Stephanie Steele
Baron of the East Village - Nathan Pottinger
Keeper of the Royal Itinerary - Greg Chamberlin

Reign XV
Prince Royale XV - Jesse Saint Trevino ‡
Princess Royale XV - Brandi Marie Powers ‡
Imperial Crown Prince of Reign XV - Rick J. Smith
Grand High Vizier - Daynn Aleczander †

Reign XVI
Prince Royal XVI - Daynn Aleczander †
Princess Royal XVI - Courtney Micheals ‡
Imperial Prince to Reign XVI - Chad Garst ‡
Imperial Princess XVI - Andrea Nightengail ‡

Reign XVII
Prince Royal XVII - Chad Garst
Princess Royal XVII - Sabrina Shaw
Imperial Duke - Delphis - The Giver of Heart & Soul - Tobey Nightengail
Imperial Duke of Peace, Love & Harmony; The Powers & The Strentgh of the Grey Wolf -
 Jason Kreighbaum


Prince Royal XVIII - Bryan "Stinky" Smith
Princess Royal XVIII - Muffy Rosenberg ‡
Heimdall, Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge to Assard - Chris Pullen
The Benefit Queen, Give Me A Dollar, One Dollar at a Time! - Jessica Tyler

Reign XIX

Prince Royale XIX - Chuck Reichwein
Princess Royale XIX - Andrea Rachelle Nightengail Stahr
Imperial Crown Prince for Emperor Sebastian; Always a Helping Hand - Emil Loya
Imperial Crown Princess for Empress Courtney - Angel Marshall Powers

Reign XX

Prince Royal XX - Greg Chamberlain
Princess Royal XX - Feena Mint Phat Pussy
Imperial Crown Princess to Reign XX - Abolta Fabrica Feinstien Aspire
Imperial Crown Prince to Reign XX - Alex Wait-for-It Rosenberg

Reign XXI
Prince Royal XXI - Joshua Collins
Princess Royal XXI - Ashley Dubois ‡
Imperial Crown Prince - Cage Masters
Imperial Crown Princess to Reign XXI - She-a-Mess Dubious Bitter

Reign XXII
Prince Royal XXII - Patrick Kendall-Egbert ‡
Princess Royal XXII - Abolta Fabrica Feinstien Aspire
The Official Purveyor of all the sparkly, shiny and simply FABULOUS Christmas Couture - Jason Kaplan

Prince Royal XXIII - Ken Flanagan ‡

Princess Royal XXIII - Ima Moista Toweletta Ramsbottom

The Grand Prince - Mike Hoksbergen - The Big Brother to Emperor and the Reacher of all things over 5 foot.


Reign XXIV

Prince Royal XXIV - Joe Joe Shayde

Princess Royal XXIV - Evian Water ‡

Tink Harvey - The Leather Lass of Charm and Grace
Founder Title
Duke of Keosauqua County - Brian "Beasley" Ohrberg


† indicates Now a  Member of Our Guardian Angels
‡ indicates elevated to a higher title at a later date