The Imperial Court of Iowa's mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising and social consciousness, one dollar at a time.

LKC The Flaming Emperor 2 7/8, Because His Heart is Like His Ass, It's Bigger than ½ -  Emperor Royal Bush

Uncle Norm Nevers

Auntie Alicia

Keeper of the Golden Heart of Iowa - Emperor III Diamond John

Prince Knight to Empress V - Greg Falkowski

Keeper of the Wolf's Wisdom & Knowledge - Emperor XXI of Denver Michael Graczyk

Keeper of the Angel's Voice - Jason Fienhold-Haasis

Duke of Jasper County - Larry Tracey

The Pilsner Prince of Iowa - Fred "Uncle Fritz" Hall

The Guardian of the Spirits of Night & Day - Emperor XIV of San Francisco Matthew Brown

The Spotted Horse Warrior; Protector of the Cherokee Rose Empress - Greg Brockman ‡

The Eternal Fleur de Lis Prince Imperial - Kelly Tarasawa

Diamond & Sapphire Emperor 10 ½ for Life -  James News

The Jewel of the East Empress 10 ½ for Life of the Imperial Court of Iowa - Tamara News

Guardian & Protector of Empress XI Ericka LaRue for Life - Fred "Papa P" Pinegar

The Nocturnal Imperial Coven of the Snowy Owl - The Denver Cycle Sluts

By Proclamation of Empress I Jose, the Widow Norton - Count of Cape Sound a Horn - Chuck Reichwein

The Celestial Protector & Eternal Papa to All Things Hoochie - Emperor VIII & XI of Rhode Island Michael Sousa

Imperial Guardian of Celestial Visions, Eternal Protector of Empress XII, the Man in the Moon - David Hart

The Pilsner Prince  - Fred Hall

Protector of All Things "Ab Fab" - Brian "Beasley" Ohrberg

The Leather Protectors of the Imperial Court of Iowa - Corn Hauler Levi & Leather Club of Iowa

The Sultry Ladies of Service - The Granduchesses of Iowa

Regent Emperor XIV ½ of All Iowa & I'm Bitter About It - Emperor VII of Winnipeg Jiminy Lickit

The Diamond in The Rough; Imperial Crown Princess for Life for Emperor Sebastian - Destine Cowell

Price Waterhouse for Life - John Schumacker

Prince for Life to Reign XVI - JD Aleczander-Stahr

Prince Wild Child of the Midwest for Life - Trixi

Mother Superior for Life to Empress Brandi Marie Powers - Mariah Powers AKA Emperor John Nolan

 Thor, Protector of the Lone Start of Texas, Knight to the House of Mongo - John Nolan (Emperor 20 of Corpus Christi, Texas)

Forever a Friend in the Hearts of I.C.I.A. The Ageless Beauty of Nebraska - Empress 29 of Nebraska Holly Day

The Keeper of the Exotic Pole; The Protectress of Rainbows - Jona Van Blaricum

Emperor 20 1/4  for Life - Jay Morgan Sterling Emperor of St. Louis

1st Ladies of Disaster Maintenance and Fundraising and Most Importantly Sisters to Empress XX - The Miss Nobodies of Iowa

Phoebe Duvet and Madeline Feinstien

The noble G-string wearing cowboy.  Is that Marilyn? "His beautiful spirit and big hearted, Imperial Prince for Life to Emperor XXI - Troy James Bergfeld.

Sister to Empress 20 and Regent Empress 22 of All of Iowa, Madam Chair of the church basement ladies and doyenne of scholarship funds for dancing boys  - Lipps LaRue

The Keeper of the Royal Stepstool for Emperor XXIII - Shawn Creveling

All that Glitters and Sparkles. The Mistress of all things Tacky. Gwad Mother to Reign XXIII - Zoey Diddim

The Jewelry Maker to Emperor 24 - Evie Blank

Photographer Extraordinaire to Reign 24, Always keeping us looking our best and capturing the moment. - Brad Cornelius / BJC Photography

‡ indicates elevated to a higher title at a later date

Society of Lifetime Titleholders