Registered Agent

Micheal Ferry

Founder, Emperor II, Regent Emperor XIV

Vice President

Cate Masters

Prince Royal XXIV

ICIA Founders:


Robert Losmog​

Naomi del ray †, Robert eikleberry, micheal ferry, & lili whyte

Reigning Empress

Juanita Voltaire DuFlagan Riverz


"M'Iris Aspire Jackson"​

​Empress XIII, Emperor XX​


Ida Ho


Reigning Empress

Alexandra St. James

ICS Founder:

Jose Julio Sarria
Absolute Empress I
December 12, 1922-August 19, 2013
Openly Gay Candidate for the City and County of San Francisco - 1961
World War II Veteran

Official Obituary

State Functions Chair

Ida Slapter-Back

Empress XXIV of Minnesota

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Charities as of Reign XXIII

Titular Head of the International Imperial Court System

Charities through the years

Our Executive Committee


"Lily Whyte"

Greg Gross

Founder, Empress II

other standing committees

Nicole Murray Ramirez
Queen Mother I of the Americas
San Diego City Commissioner

mission & vision

 Our Mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising, social consciousness and education, one dollar at a time. 

​Most of our fundraising is done one dollar at a time, with the public tipping performers at shows of various types in venues throughout the state. Our shows feature female impersonators, male impersonators, live singers and the occasional stand-up comic. We host the occasional Beer Bust as well. ​