Registered Agent

Micheal Ferry

Founder, Emperor II, Regent Emperor XIV

Vice President

 "Mongo the First"

Robert Eikleberry 

Founder, Emperor I, XVIII, XXV

ICIA Founders:

State Functions Chair

"Evian Waters Anthony DuFlagan"

Matthew Wilson

Empress XXV

our board of directors

Our Monarch


Michael Hoksbergen
Grand Prince XXIII

Grand Total Raised For Charity Through The Years:

Membership Chair

Nautalia Rose Waters

Chris Heineman

Princess Royal XXVI

Breakdown of charities:
Charities as of Reign XXIII

Titular Head of the International Imperial Court System

Charities through the years

Our Executive Committee

mission & vision

The Imperial Court of Iowa's mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising and social consciousness, one dollar at a time.

​Most of our fundraising is done one dollar at a time, with the public tipping performers at shows of various types in venues throughout the state. Our shows feature female impersonators, male impersonators, live singers and the occasional stand-up comic. We host the occasional Beer Bust as well. ​


"M'Iris Aspire Jackson"

Matthew Millard

​Empress XIII, Emperor XX​

ICS Founder:

Naomi del ray †, Robert eikleberry, micheal ferry, & lili whyte

Jose Julio Sarria
Absolute Empress I
December 12, 1922-August 19, 2013
Openly Gay Candidate for the City and County of San Francisco - 1961
World War II Veteran

Official Obituary

other standing committees


James Royal Boots

Dowager Emperor V


"Lily Whyte"

Greg Gross

Founder, Empress II

Reigning Empress

 "Ida Ho"

 Brian Jones

Nicole Murray Ramirez
Queen Mother I of the Americas
San Diego City Commissioner


"M'Iris Aspire Jackson"

Matthew Millard

Empress XIII, Emperor XX​