Iowa’s Red, Orange, & Yellow Charmander  Emperor, Yes I’m another Pokémon Character. Mister Manbun Himself the Father to the House of Fire Doubly Crowned and Twice the Fun
Emperor XXIX of all Iowa

Evan Waters LawrenceTurner
Wainscott Riverz Aspire Redline


The Small Town Queen with Big City Dreams. I am the Sweet and Innocent One but, Don’t Give Me a Reason to TAKE YOU OUT. Yes I'm Complicated; but My House is in Order. The Heart of an Angel and My Love for ALL
Empress XXIX of All Iowa
Gina Te Micheals Riverz

Dulflagan Feinstien Powers


Her Imperial Majesty

Empress XXIII of All Minnesota
Evie Blank


The Cigar Smoking, Bourbon Sipping, I Sip because I'm a Lady Damn It

Ida Ho

Empress XXVIII for All of Iowa

reign xXIX

2021 - 2022

Her Imperial Majesty

Empress VII of All Minnesota
CC Sakowitz


Her Imperial Majesty

Empress XXIV of All Minnesota
Ida Slapter-Back


reign xXVIII

2020 - 2021