princess royalE for reign XXVI

Jacqueline T Larue​​

Guardian of the Sacred Fabulously Pink Gorillas of the Jungle, The Rainbow Lioness.

Empress for Reign XXVI

​Ericka Larue

​The Foremost & Ever-Eternal Snowy Owl Protector of the Sacred Pink Gorillas of the Jungle, The Aurora Borealis & Pink Ice Diamond Empress of Tranquility.

reign Mother: lili whyte, Founder & Empress 2 of All Iowa

The Crazy Uncle who sometimes likes to wear Girls dresses: M'Iris Aspire Jackson, Empress 13 & Emperor 20 of All Iowa

big sister to joe joe: The one who gives direction well:

ima moista toweletta ramsbottom beaverhausen, Princess Royal 23 of All Iowa

Prince Royale for Reign XXVI

​​​Ivan Da Ho

Emperor for reign XXVI

joe joe shayde duflagan aspire jackson riverz demerol bitter powers sosa prado lavera blake

The Purple, Black & Titanium Aurora Borealis not so Lili Whyte Warbler Bear of the Capital City. The Father to the House of Riverz. The Come Back Kid Himself.

Reign XXVI reign family

Princess - 

Earl - 

Contessa - 

Count - 

Countess - 

Baroness -

Marquis -

Marquessa -

Empress 26 1/4 to ericka: Martinique Bouvier of Houston

Empress 26 1/4 to ericka: melody lane of ft. worth

empress 26 1/2 to joe joe: shanda lavera of waco

emperor 26 1/2 to joe joe: doogie trouser-Lickit-back of winnepeg

emperor 26 1/2 to ericka: robert buckner of ft. worth

Reign XXVI Royal Family

Meet Reign XXVI

Reign XXVI 1/2 & 1/4 Monarchs

The Imperial Court of Iowa's mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising and social consciousness, one dollar at a time.