reign Mother:

lili whyte, Founder & Empress 2 of All Iowa

The Crazy Uncle who sometimes likes to wear Girls dresses:

M'Iris Aspire Jackson, Empress 13 & Emperor 20 of All Iowa

big sister to the emperor: The one who gives direction well:

ima moista toweletta ramsbottom beaverhausen, Princess Royal 23 of All Iowa

big brother to the emperor:

treavor meadows, emperor X of all oklahoma

tonia lee richards, EMPress 24 of all minnesota

leather brother to the emperor:

Jeremy Morris, Producer of Iowa Leather Weekend

Sister to the Emperor:

Sonia the First DuFlagan, Princess Royal 37 of all Nebraska

Sister to the Emperor:

Natasha Day, Empress 38 of All Nebraska

Brother to the Emperor:

Britton Battaglia, Emperor 38 of All Nebraska

Princess Royal for Reign XXVI

Nautalia "nauta" Pageant Queen Rose waters

Her Royal Hideousness , the Worst of Her Name, Lizard Queen of Des Moines, Lady of Trash & Lord of Crass, Devourer of Twinkies and Deliverer of Lashes

absolute Emperor for reign XXVI

joe joe shayde duflagan aspire jackson riverz demerol bitter powers sosa prado lavera blake Phoenix

The Purple, Black & Titanium Aurora Borealis not so Lili Whyte Warbler Bear of the Capital City. The Father to the House of Riverz. The Come Back Kid Himself.

Reign XXVI reign family

​​The Imperial Court of Iowa's mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising and social consciousness, one dollar at a time.

princess royal for reign XXVI

The devine Ida Ho DuFlagan Aspire Back Sachowitz Shayde

the Cigar Smoking, bourbon Sipping, I Sip because I am a Lady Damn IT!

Grand Prince - Denver dumott rosenberg

Princess - 

duke - Tink Harvey

duchess - 

​Contessa - Jade Michaels

vicountess - holli day

Count - sage sanchez

Countess - kilda mann

baron - randy reha

Baroness - juanita voltaire

Marquis - cayle-Coe rose waters moon

Marquessa - andrea knight michaels

empress 26 1/2 to joe joe: shanda lavera of waco

empress 26 1/2 to joe joe: hellacious acres of regina


emperor 26 1/2 to joe joe: adam lawrence richards of the windy city

Reign XXVI Royal Family

Meet Reign XXVI of All Iowa

Reign XXVI 1/2 Monarchs