​​The Imperial Court of Iowa's mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising and social consciousness, one dollar at a time.

princess royal for reign XXV

The devine Ida Ho DuFlagan Aspire Back Sachowitz Shayde

the Cigar Smoking, bourbon Sipping, I Sip because I am a Lady Damn IT!

Princ-Ass Royal for Reign XXV

Keaton Cavalier Munro
The Nellyfab bootylicious Aerialist, The Narcoleptic Fashionista of 5 Way Stretch. The Most Moist Glitter Queefing Prince-Ass, Keeper of the Hair Flips and Jazz Shoes.

Meet Reign XXV of All Iowa

The Red, White, & Blue Viking Emperor, Protector of the Manbun, 25 Years & I Ain’t Done Yet! Oohrah! 
His Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Mongo the First
Emperor XXV of All Iowa
The Lipstick Red Jiggly Puff, The Lover of All things Four Legged and Furry,  Just look at her Emperor.  Miss Man Bun Herself the Mother to the House of Droplets & to the House of Jiggly Puff. Her Imperial Sovereign Majesty
Evian Waters DuFlagan Powers Sosa Richards
Empress XXV of All Iowa