Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc           Founded 1992

Society of Lifetime Titleholders


The Flaming Emperor 2 7/8, Because His Heart is Like His Ass, It's Bigger than ½
 Emperor Royal Bush

Uncle Norm Nevers

Auntie Alicia

Keeper of the Golden Heart of Iowa
Emperor III Diamond John

Prince Knight to Empress V
Greg Falkowski

Keeper of the Wolf's Wisdom & Knowledge
Emperor XXI of Denver Michael Graczyk

Keeper of the Angel's Voice
Jason Fienhold-Haasis

Duke of Jasper County
Larry Tracey

The Pilsner Prince of Iowa
Fred "Uncle Fritz" Hall

The Guardian of the Spirits of Night & Day
Emperor XIV of San Francisco Matthew Brown

The Spotted Horse Warrior; Protector of the Cherokee Rose Empress
Greg Brockman ‡

The Eternal Fleur de Lis Prince Imperial
Kelly Tarasawa

Diamond & Sapphire Emperor 10 ½ for Life
 James News

The Jewel of the East Empress 10 ½ for Life of the Imperial Court of Iowa
Tamara News

Guardian & Protector of Empress XI Ericka LaRue for Life
Fred "Papa P" Pinegar

The Nocturnal Imperial Coven of the Snowy Owl
The Denver Cycle Sluts

By Proclamation of Empress I Jose, the Widow Norton - Count of Cape Sound a Horn
Chuck Reichwein

The Celestial Protector & Eternal Papa to All Things Hoochie
Emperor VIII & XI of Rhode Island Michael Sousa

Imperial Guardian of Celestial Visions, Eternal Protector of Empress XII, the Man in the Moon
David Hart

The Pilsner Prince  - Fred Hall

Protector of All Things "Ab Fab" - Brian "Beasley" Ohrberg

The Leather Protectors of the Imperial Court of Iowa
Corn Hauler Levi & Leather Club of Iowa

The Sultry Ladies of Service
The Granduchesses of Iowa

Regent Emperor XIV ½ of All Iowa & I'm Bitter About It
Emperor VII of Winnipeg Jiminy Lickit

The Diamond in The Rough; Imperial Crown Princess for Life for Emperor Sebastian
Destine Cowell

Price Waterhouse for Life
John Schumacker

Prince for Life to Reign XVI
JD Aleczander-Stahr

Prince Wild Child of the Midwest for Life

Mother Superior for Life to Empress Brandi Marie Powers
Mariah Powers AKA Emperor John Nolan

 Thor, Protector of the Lone Start of Texas, Knight to the House of Mongo
John Nolan (Emperor 20 of Corpus Christi, Texas)

Forever a Friend in the Hearts of I.C.I.A. The Ageless Beauty of Nebraska
Empress 29 of Nebraska Holly Day

The Keeper of the Exotic Pole; The Protectress of Rainbows
Jona Van Blaricum

Emperor 20 1/4  for Life - Jay Morgan Sterling Emperor of St. Louis

1st Ladies of Disaster Maintenance and Fundraising and Most Importantly Sisters to Empress XX
The Miss Nobodies of Iowa

Phoebe Duvet and Madeline Feinstien
The noble G-string wearing cowboy.  Is that Marilyn? "His beautiful spirit and big hearted, Imperial Prince for Life to Emperor XXI - Troy James Bergfeld.

Sister to Empress 20 and Regent Empress 22 of All of Iowa, Madam Chair of the church basement ladies and doyenne of scholarship funds for dancing boys 
Lipps LaRue

The Keeper of the Royal Stepstool for Emperor XXIII - Shawn Creveling

All that Glitters and Sparkles. The Mistress of all things Tacky. Gwad Mother to Reign XXIII

Zoey Diddim

The Jewelry Maker to Emperor 24

Evie Blank

Photographer Extraordinaire to Reign 24

Always keeping us looking our best and capturing the moment.

Brad Cornelius /BJC Photography

‡ indicates elevated to a higher title at a later date