Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc  Founded 1992

Guardian Angels to Reign 23
Miss Delight
Karen Gerber

Patrick Kendall-Egbert
The Amethyst and Platinum Administrator of the Throat Punch.  There ain't one thing right about me.  The Half-pint Emperor for reign 23.


Prince Royal
Ken Flanagan

Male Line of the Royal Family

Inspector Keaton Cavalier
Sargeant Nathan Rosenberg
Lieutenant Randy Reha

Ashley Dubois Rosenberg
The blood red crystal skull beer slinging Empress for Reign 23, the Only thing right about me is my hair.Type your paragraph here.

Princess Royal

Ima Moista Toweletta

Female Line of the Royal Family

Betty Crimson Belle
Betty Evian Waters
Betty Karyn Woods Michaels
Betty Vanna B Rosenberg