Reign 25 Royal Family

Prince: Randy Reha

Princess: Tink Harvey

Duke: Austin Sayles

Duchess: Vana B Rosenberg

Countessa: Ida Ho

ViCountess: Nautalia Rose

Earl: Michael Lynch

Lady: Jade Michaels


Empress: The Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Emperor: The Des Moines Veterans Center

The Guardian Angel Scholarship Program

Reign 25 of The Imperial Court of Iowa

Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc           Founded 1992


Robert "Mongo" Eikleberry

The Red, White, & Blue Viking Emperor, Protector of the Manbun, 25 Years & I Ain’t Done Yet! Oohrah! Emperor for Reign 25 of All Iowa, Mongo the First.

Prince Royal

Evian Waters DuFlagan Powers Sosa Richards

The Lipstick Red Jiggly Puff, The Lover of All things Four Legged and Furry,  Just look at her Emperor.  Miss Man Bun Herself Empress for Reign 25 and Mother to the House of Droplets

Prince Royal

Keaton Cavalier

The Nellyfab Bootylicious Aerialst, The Narcoleptic Fashionista of 5 Way Stretch. The Most Moist Glitter Queefing Princess, Keeper of Hair Flips and Jazz Shoes. Prince Royal for Reign 25