Imperial Court of Iowa, Inc  Founded 1992

Ken Flanagan Dubois Bitter Eickleberry.

The Red White and Blue Star Spangled Celtic  Cowboy. Keeper of Empress 23's Loyal Dog Khaleesi.  Father to the house of Duflagan

Prince Royal
Joe Joe Shade Duflagan

Male Line of the Royal Family
Prince -Nathan Ritz       

Duke -  Keaton Cavalier

Earl -    Joseph Holbrook

Count - Julie Fleming Henningsen


Empress's - YESS - Youth Emergency Services and Shelter

Emperor's - Vets Center

Abolta Fabrica Feinstien Aspire
The 24 Karret Blush and Bashful, Dolly Loving Empress. I'm too Much for colored TV and I know it!  The Glittered Butterfly

Princess Royal

Evian Waters

Female Line of the Royal Family

Princess - Tink Harvey                    

Duchess - Iva Fetish  

Countessa - Holli Day             

Countess - Maddie Moiselle