advertising INFORMATION

​​The Imperial Court of Iowa's mission is to make a difference to the People of Iowa through fundraising and social consciousness, one dollar at a time.

Full Page Ad: $125.00
Half Page Ad: $75.00
Quarter Page Ad: $50.00
Picture Page Sponsorship: $25.00

Permanent Titleholders & College of Monarchs for The Imperial Court of Iowa receive a 10% discount off of a Full Page Ad. 

Candidates do not receive a discount unless they are a PT,LT, or COM Member.

Our program will be 8.5"x11" and full color. All ads must be camera ready including a quarter inch border and must be submitted in one of the following formats: TIFF or JPEG. 

Ad deadline is September 1, 2019. 

Money orders or court checks must accompany all ads submitted or payment can be made through the Coronation Purchase button on the right. 

Electronic ads are encouraged and may be submitted to:

Remit Payment to:
The Imperial Court of Iowa
P.O. Box 1491
Des Moines, Iowa 50305